For the love of balls.



Meanwhile, at the Runner’s World headquarters…

Executive 1: All right, guys, we have all the monthly content. Now all we need is a cover.
Executive 2: Shit. That’s going to be tough.
Executive 1: Yes, I know, but let’s try.
Executive 3: Guys! I have an idea!
Executive 1: Let’s hear it.
Executive 3: Let’s have a girl. Running.
Executive 1: I love it! That’s why we hired you, #3. But, what color should the background be?
Executive 3: Shit. I don’t know.
Executive 2: Wait! What if we used… no nevermind… I don’t know guys. This is too hard.
Executive 4: Guys… I know this sounds risky, but hear me out. What if we use… blue.
Executive 1: Number 4! I love it! Guys, let’s use a woman… running… with a blue background. So that covers it right? That’s all we need, right?
Executive 2: I’m afraid not, boss. We need to figure out what she’ll be… wearing.
Executive 1: Shit. We’ll be here all night.

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Baked Apples: Yummy!

Photo Set

Colour/Sepia: Loving camera+ app w/ iPhone 4 camera.

Photo Set

Niagara Falls, Ontario.


Project of the Week

I have recently gained access to a sweet swinger sewing machine, and am looking for projects to do.

This hoodie is first on my list of weekly projects.


An ode to gimp and cassettes.

Photo Set

The last days of the Magnolia Tree.

(The Backyard)

Photo Set

Hanging out at my moms.

Photo Set

Easter with the boys.

Photo Set

Me and Bebop.


Bebop Sleeping on the bed.

Photo Set

Taking the dogs out on the trails.

Photo Set

This is Bebop and Dib.




“A member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) gets pied in downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland today by Salty Dog, the Downhome mascot.” (via)

Would have been even better if it was a meat pie.

I <3 black labs

That just made me laugh!

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